Ash Wednesday


Todays theme is reflections. This is where I try chatting about anything and everything! Oh my! That might be dangerous!First, I would like to apologize for not posting weekly. Opening our other shop has kept us very busy. I will try to make an effort to at least post once a week.

I can not believe it is, the Ash Wednesday beginning of Lent for  Christians. During lent we fast, give up something or work on bettering oneself in their faith for 40 days. I am going to work on a few personal issues myself. One item I would like to be better with is not to be negative, let go of the negativity that surrounds us.

At SOSNM, we need to start reorganizing and decorating for Spring and Easter. Easter Sunday is March 27.

Spring to me is a rebirth, a new beginning. We look forward sharing so many ideas to kick start your Spring Season. Dee and I hope when you celebrate Easter, each of you will feel refreshed to begin your Spring with new possibilities.Stop in our shops. I also want to share a few videos of some decorating tips you can try at home.

Happy Valentines to all of you! Love to all of you!


IMG_2796 (1)






Thanks to all who participated in our DIY Glass Painting class on Saturday. Lots of fun and laughs had by all. First Saturday of the month we are opened at our Jessup, MD 7790702C-FD1A-4F4C-9089-3C90C1B1B5A5 A8D7C3CD-33CD-4AC8-82E8-DF876A2CDE36shop. Thanks for stopping in! Featured on todays blog are two local artists from Ocean City, MD and Bishopville, MD. New handmade jewelry and handmade boats. Stop into our Bishopville shop to see their work in person.


Our recipes today are located on the

Ranch Dip and Buffalo Chicken Breast Sandwich using Ranch Aioli.

We have it in both shops. Let us know how it turns out! Yummy!

Until next time, Don’t be afraid to try something new! I challenge you! Let it be out of your comfort zone. Blessings.

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

While most of the Country is in a deep freeze, why don’t we curl up by the fire with some delicious Harney and Sons Tea and Scones with Mixed Berry Jam from Stonewall Kitchen. Sit back ,relax and visit our website. Follow our blog.

Yesterday I made the Valentines Blend from Harney and Sons Tea.  It was delicious !My husband came into the house, and said did you make hot chocolate? The tea is a blend of chocolate and rose. It tastes and smells wonderful. I’m usually a coffee drinker but I do enjoy Harney teas with my gal friends who love tea.

Our small Valentines Tea tin is 4.00 , our large tin of other flavors are 9.00 and single bag of teas are .25 ( great way to see which flavor you like)

Treats for Your Love

Wednesday Recipe:

Including more than one  recipe for Valentines Day.image image image image image image

Recipes are from Better Homes and Garden website.

Chocolate Martini

Easy Mixed Grill

Cookie Dough Truffles

Easy Cupcake Valentine’s Day Bouquet




Want to Have Fun, Fun, Fun?

Hurry and let us know if you want to attend our Valentine Tea Party on Feb.7. We can’t wait to see you there. Sign up early, limited spaces are available . Great food and teas. Everyone leaves with a party favor, plus door prizes and much more. Treat yourself and a friend to a relaxing Saturday afternoon full of

fun and laughter! Can’t wait to hear from you!   image image image image image image

Creativity Challenge

image image image image image imageStart challenge yourself each week to try being creative. This week we have a heart full of buttons. Easy!

First, you need to gather up your buttons or broken pieces of jewelry. Go to thrift or antique shops.they are very good places to find these items, if you do not have a tin full in your home.

Next, I would like you to use either a thick piece of cardboard or a wooden heart shaped cut-out. (Craft store sells them)

In using the cardboard , you need to trace or draw your heart. Then cut it out.

I prefer the wooden heart, it’s sturdy. Buy a small bottle of craft paint to paint your heart on both sides. In selecting your color of paint, use your main color theme of your buttons that you have chosen.

Paint one side of heart, let it dry, repeat for other side.

Cover your heart with bonding glue that dries clear.Craft stores carries

it. I like Wellabond. Arrange your buttons/jewelry onto your base. Cover and overlap. You will need to add more glue in doing this process.

Let this sit for a couple of days to make sure it has bonded.

You may add a ribbon to the back of heart, fasten with your glue.

A single heart of buttons shown, is created by purchasing flexible thin wire at your craft store.(in jewelry making section)

Make sure the wire will thread through your button holes.

Wire should be light color and very thin. Thread the wire through each button. Shape your buttons in a heart shape.

Loop a pretty ribbon around your heart.

Please send us your photos!