Fall is here???

Something Old & Something New Changes With the Seasons


More beautiful Fall Michel Aprons, napkins, and matches

More beautiful Fall Michel
Aprons, napkins, and matches

Beautiful fall décor and gifts have arrived. I know the temperature doesn’t feel like Fall but its beautiful!

Lots of exciting happenings in Bishopville store.

We will be doing our very first Sip/Shop on Oct.14,2016, 4:00p.m.-8:00p.m.

Come into our shop, browse new fall ideas and shop our hostess gifts for all of you who are traveling for Thanksgiving.

Let us take the stress out of your holidays. At Something Old & Something New Marketplace we can assist you in making a lovely gift basket from our wonderful selection of gift lines.


Simply Vintage Candles Recent Fall scents. Already a popular item!

Simply Vintage Candles
Recent Fall scents.
Already a popular item!

Our Simply Candles are made is U.S.A. by a mother and daughter team.

Everything they use to make the candles are made in the United States.

At SOSNM, we are always looking for excellent products that are made in the U.S.A to sell in our shop. We are very proud to offer high quality products to our customers.  Dee and I will continue to search for U.S.A.

products. God Bless America and God Bless our customers.

Hope to see you soon.

Sad news for our SOSNM, Jessup, MD location, we made a decision on our closing day. It will be Dec.23, 2016. This will be the beginning of many thank you’ s to our customers. Thanks for your support over the 2 1/2 years. Don’t miss out on the current terrific sale. We want to clear out the inventory!

Ready, Set, Go-Spring ?????


20110725_221546000_iOSF866DA48-E281-44F7-83D9-BF89AF0339E9imageGood afternoon. I hope all of you faired well after all that crazy weather. I was scheduled to come up from the eastern shore but I needed to reschedule. But never fear, I’m back on schedule. I’m geared up to transform our Jessup, MD store into a Fresh Spring Haven! Please excuse our fairy dust while rearranging, its a good thing!

Idea for the day!

I had a customer come into the Bishopville, MD store on Saturday. We started to talk about finger vases. The finger vase dates back to 1785. There are many reproductions today that make them affordable for your home. We have some reproductions and antique finger vases in our shops.

The customer shared an idea from one of her friends, her friend uses a finger vase in her kitchen. Her friend puts parsley in her vase, with a little water, stays fresh. Use other herbs too. How pretty and practical. Snip your herbs when you need to cook with them. Put a vase in a bathroom with lavender in it!

Recipe for Day:

Stonewallkitchen.com Bacon, Brie, cranberry relish toast

Sounds good. Just remember I recommend this relish on turkey sandwich with mayo, lettuce, and tomato(and brie)

Craft for the Week

Quick seasonal banner


6 vintage style postcards(these can be repos)

seasonal ribbon

hole punch

These banners can be hung from mantles, doorways, windows, mirrors, endless places!

I like seasonal images. Hole punch card in left hand corner of postcards, thread your pretty ribbon through each postcard.

Wiggle each postcard to where you want to place them.

Cute as a button! Easy project!

Now if you want to add any glitter or embellishments, go for it! Themes are endless!



Value the History of Vintage Items










Hi everyone! Last week came up from the Eastern Shore ! I came into the shop on Thursday.

It was kind of quiet on Thursday, so I began the creativity process of striping the displays.  It’s quite a process . Once you begin, it leads to moving more than you expect.

I love it!!!  It is my favorite part of the business. I enjoy incorporating the vintage items with our new items in our displays. When I do our displays, blending the old with the new it validates that our vintage( our history) can be used in our present time.

I brought in some new items. Come in to see our new treasures.


Please Google the following recipes.


Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Shrimp Alfredo

Garlic Doubled Stuffed Lemon Chicken







Jump Start!

Suns Shining! Let’s get a Jump Start on getting Ready for Spring.

Yesterday went to Home Depot to purchase a few odds and ends.image image image

I couldn’t resist to buy a color combo of pansies. One of my favorite early Spring flower. Don’t you love their little adorable faces? As a little girl I thought each one of the flowers were a little face.

I also bought some bulbs that I will force. A video will be posted on that subject very soon. Come  back. There will be another DIY posted on an Easter project you could do right now with your family.


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