Old vs. New

This weeks blogs theme is old vs. new.


Each has its own value, that’s why we decided to include old and new into our shop.

Vintage items are special because they have a true history.  And when we purchase a vintage item, we share the history of it with others.

It’s a sort of recycling. This gives me a great feeling that we are not just disposing of old things but we are appreciating the value of  them.

Then we have the new treasures!

Some individuals love new items.

The item is all shiny, not used, and all one needs to do is unwrap it.

What a nice fall look!

What a nice fall look!


New is great too! Both new and vintage treasures are loved for their own purpose.

And you know your new treasures will become vintage treasures one day.

At our shop, our goal is to have the old mixed with the new, not separated.

We try to show how we can decorate, entertain, and surround ourselves with what we love whether it’s new or vintage or both!

I love mixing vintage with new.

Try mixing a little vintage in your life! Share the history of the piece with friends and love ones.

Recipe this week can be found on:

Www.cookinglight.com: search: Butter-Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes

image image

Wise Wednesday

Good morning! I thought today’s recipe should be something to warm us up! Well at least try!


Google it!

imageChicken and Soba Noodle Soup

Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Collection Series, Soup, by Diane Rossen Worthington (Simon & Schuster, 2001).

Today’s Inspirations: creating items from pallets,Spring ideas, and thoughts on Lent.

First, we sell pallets for 5.00 each. (They are large) Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

Pallet ideas: fences, dividers, signs, flower boxes, potting bench, crates, book shelves and much more.

Lent:  I found a great idea for Lent for your entire family. Start with a box. You can draw a cross on it or write something on it pertaining to Lent.

At the end of the day, if you have sinned,the family member writes down their sin on paper.  It is then placed in the box. At the end of lent you burn all the papers. This demonstrates why Jesus died on the cross for all of us, for the forgiveness of our sins.Repent.









WarmUp-Think Spring

Hi Everyone! I’m going to get right to the point, we all need a break from the

cold, snow, and ice. More forecasts of cold, snow, rain and everything in between. So be it!

We are going to think Spring!image image image image

Spring happiness,beauty, and the beginning of Lent.






Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: pink lemonade cake recipe


Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches ~ These Sandwiches are perfect for any kind of shower, party, or gathering.


Today is the start of Lent for Christians. It is Ash Wednesday and we go without meat today. I thought I would share another recipe that you could prepare tonight. Listed below.

During Lent I’m going to make more time for prayer.  A little quiet time praying during our crazy days sounds good to me.

Reflection for today, show someone compassion today. It could be a handshake, hug, or just listening to them. Tell your Friends and family you love them. It’s great to hear it. Smile, it might change someone’s day. Let them see Jesus through your actions.

Try it, I bet it will make you feel great too!

Yummy and Creamy Shrimp Pasta Dinner

from Kraft. Google it!




Tweet Tweet!










I have a bird cage full of shells,starfish, and vintage jewelry in my sunroom. (My bird cage is the first picture on left.)

The bird cages are beautiful! I feel a thaw coming soon! Think Spring and you’ll feel the warmth.


Pack Up Your Troubles!

Decorate with vintage luggage.

Painting the suitcases are very easy. This is a great tip if you want to make your suitcases a cottage style with softer colors.

Suitcases are great storage containers too.

We love using them in our displays.

Stop by the shop we have nice ones for sale.

Vintage Friends





















Good afternoon my dear vintage friends.

If you love vintage and beautiful gifts you need to check out our shop.

At SOSNM , we are always on the hunt for vintage items and unusual gift lines that are of exceptional quality.

If you love vintage , you understand the excitement of the hunt to discover your treasures. When I’m searching for treasures, it stirs up feelings of  family and warm memories from childhood. Antiques and collectibles give my home a cozy, comfortable feeling.

Creativity oozes from my soul when I spot an old iron grate once  used as a heating vent in an older home. I say to myself where could I hang it? Soon after that thought process, I’m loading the grate in my car!

If you are reading this blog, and begin thinking I’ve gone mad, don’t be silly! Of course I have, gone mad over vintage decorating! And I want to spread the madness!  Stretch yourself  for 2015, try falling in love with recycling! That’s vintage!

Find a friend who loves vintage. Take a little jaunt.(hopefully visit SOSNM) not local, your friend will know where to go.

Like I said in a previous blog or tweet,antiquing, junking, thrifting, treasure hunting, whatever you may call it, it’s a fun history lesson without the tests and studying!

We hope you catch the vintage fever! We need more vintage friends!

Ok, I have a quick proposal for you all! If you love vintage send us an email. Tell us what you love! Not on our constant contact list, sign up and you get a 10.00 coupon to spend. Coupon may not be combined with other coupons.

Have a blessed weekend!

Junk into Treasures!

What’s that old saying? One man’s junk is another mans treasure!

That rings true for me and a lot of others. Our shop is full of treasures!

First of all I never see a vintage piece as junk. Vintage items are that tell a history.

My wheels start spinning in my head, then I see the vision, the repurpose, the treasure!

We all need to recycle! Start 2015, doing it creatively.




Good Morning, Getting Ready For A Busy Week

Hi everyone! We are busy as bees getting ready for our Sip/Shop

Come and Relax after hours!

Enjoy an evening of relaxing,shopping, sipping

on cool libations, and nibbling on snacks.

Fun ! Fun ! Fun!


our First Saturday of the month being opened.

And don’t forget our DIY workshop 11-1 on Saturday.

Clarification on DIY.

We reschedule our first workshop , the mosaic flower pot from last month due to lack of participants.

We decided to make our flower pots this Saturday.


We have broken some beautiful dishes with a variety of colors and patterns.

Someone asked me if we break good dishes,they seemed concerned,but we have reassured them we break dishes that have cracks and imperfections.


And sometimes we accidentally break some dishes and we just say, save it for our Mosaic.