Windy, Rainy and Cold Days

What can you do on a windy, rainy day? Go shopping! Too cold and windy to venture out? Sit back and make your favorite hot beverage, go shopping online at our shops online. We have a special link to our newest shop that includes jewelry, clothing, and accessories on our shop page. Its exciting. Check back frequently, we will be adding new items frequently.

Recipes for the week:

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with Basil Pesto Aioli

Baked Acorn Squash made with Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

Stop in and get your Stonewall Kitchen items at both of our shops. Check back with us, we will be added to our inventory.

 620BE1E8-DC23-450F-90F4-8941A093DBBDCraft for the week:

Start growing your fresh Easter Grass for your favorite basket or planter. Select your container, put some potting soil into your container, almost to the top. Generously sprinkle rye seed on the entire top of your soil.Spread it evenly. Then take soil and sprinkle over the top of your seed. Sprinkle it with water to make it moist. Put your container in a very sunny location . Check on your Easter grass, water when it looks dry. You should have sprouts in a couple weeks. Put some Easter eggs and/or bunnies in your container. What a beautiful centerpiece you will have!

Send us pictures!





March DIY Class

Girls are hanging around waiting to see the sales!

Girls can’t wait for class! Come sign up quick!


Saturday, March 5 – 11am-1pm

We’re going to make LEMON BODY SCRUB!

7790702C-FD1A-4F4C-9089-3C90C1B1B5A5Cost of class (including all supplies to make 2 jars of scrub, light refreshments & fun!) – $40pp

Join us on Saturday, March 5th and learn how to make a luscious LEMON BODY SCRUB (1 for you and 1 for a friend!)

CALL or EMAIL us TODAY to reserve your SPOT!


Email –

Happy New Year!


New winter wraps

New winter wraps

Come in and select a cozy candle for your winter days.

Come in and select a cozy candle for your winter days.

New Stonewall Kitchen arriving soon!

New Stonewall Kitchen arriving soon!

Happy New Year to all!

Dee and I hope all of our customers from SOSNM 1&2 had a blessed Christmas. We want to wish you much love, great health, and days of laughter in 2016.












To start today, I want to say, so sorry for being so tardy with our blog. We’ve been so busy with getting ready for the holiday season at both of our locations. Our Bishopville shop opened on Dec. 2 with enthusiasm and excitement. Thanks to all who stopped by at both of our shops. We had a great holiday season!

Don’t forget to stop in for our terrific sales that are occurring at SOSNM 1&2.

Dee and I had our board meeting in Williamsburg, VA. We planned for our New Year. I think our customers will be excited and thrilled with the new inventory that will be arriving at both locations. Don’t forget to pop in and say hi.

Check with Dee at SOSNM 1 about an upcoming DIY class on Feb.6. Our artist, Edy who paints our wine glasses will be teaching a class! How cool is that? Sign up soon! Details with Dee.

Chars Idea/Recipe

Stonewall Kitchen Cranberry Horseradish sauce. This is delicious on turkey, chicken, or beef. I was serving a prime rib. I usually serve it will a horseradish/mayo sauce I mix. I was out of horseradish. I used the cranberry horseradish sauce with some mayo. Wisk it, it turns into a pretty pink sauce. Delish!

What will be in store for all us in 2016? Can’t wait! Dee and I will do our very best to provide lots of great treasures for your picking! We hope along with  great shopping experiences, all of us will enjoy laughter and fun while doing it.

This is Chars favorite  new aqua lantern, you could an angel, snowman, or snow baby  snow baby in your lantern. Not just for candles.

This is Chars favorite new aqua lantern, you could put an angel, snowman, or snow baby  in your lantern. Not just for candles.

Excitement is in the Air


Excitement is in the air at SOSNM ! First, I want to share what happened on Monday at our shop. We hosted our first bridal shower at SOSNM . It was a great time! Some local business women wanted to have a bridal shower for one of their co-workers. Since it was ladies from work, they thought it would be lovely to have it off work premises. So they scheduled the shower on their lunch hour. SOSNM provided the space,tables, chairs, serving trays, and the backdrop for the shower. Our guests provided their refreshments and the fun. SOSNM surprised our guests with a party favor. Each guest got a teacup with a Harney & Sons tea bag with a 10% coupon. The ladies loved our shop. Thanks for  having our first shower at SOSNM .

We want to encourage all of our customers to think about hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, unwind after work party, girls day out, birthday, or any other occasion party here.  We would love to help you plan you next event here.

SOSNM is also available to do DIY classes. When we first opened up our shop, we started having a class on our first Saturday of the month, but there was a low interest in them. If you have a group of friends who would be interested in DIY classes, let us know. Excitement and fun at SOSNM . As Dee states our shop is not just a shop, it’s a destination.

Come in and join the fun! Stay tune by signing up for our constant contact list and check us out on our website, Facebook, Google Business,Twitter.


Wed. Recipe:

Fried Red Tomatoes

I love fried green tomatoes but my mom and grandmas always fried the red ones for breakfast. In addition to eggs, meat, this was a side dish. I can eat just the Tomatoes for a meal with a piece of French or Italian bread.

So here’s my recipe( really moms and grandmas)


I’m going to let you choose your topping. I sometimes use Italian bread crumbs or cornmeal to coat my Tomatoes . They both are very good.

Two tomatoes sliced

1 cup of bread crumbs or cornmeal

1 tablespoon of sugar(if you want you could use a sugar substitution )

olive oil to coat your pan

Salt and pepper

Slice your Tomatoes, heat your oil in frying pan.

Mix  your sugar into your bread crumbs, dip your Tomatoes real well on both sides.  Put your breaded tomatoes in frying pan, s&p them.Fry on one side for 2-3 minutes and then turn, fry same time on that side. Lay paper towel on plate, transfer them on paper towel. Then lift them onto serving plate. Enjoy!


Some photos of Bridal Shower:

image image image image image


image image image image image

Sip & Shop& Open Saturday!

From one of our jewelry candles

From one of our jewelry candles

Our customer was thrilled with her ring she got in her candle

Our customer was thrilled with her ring she got in her candle

Another customers ring found in her jewelry candle. She just bought 4 more candles!

Another customers ring found in her jewelry candle. She just bought 4 more candles!








Oh my,February is upon us! So don’t forget this Friday, Feb.6 we stay open till 6:00p.m. Will you be on your way home from running errands or leaving work? Why don’t you come in for some refreshments and shopping?

First Saturday of each month we are opened 10:00a.m-3:00p.m.

So stop by this Saturday, Feb.7.

New items have come in. Don’t miss out!

Try buying one of our jewelry candles. Our a Christmas and Fall scents are 20% off. Our customers are finding some beautiful jewelry in their candles.