March, in like a Lion!


771677EC-3954-4553-A970-7A15EEB205DEABB5384F-5E73-4073-A085-3289D2B7B1C26B22578A-7A36-449F-9451-4AC06E353D78Welcome, March has come in like a lion! Windy, windy, and more wind! Snow covered the eastern shore last night and this morning.

It looked like fluffy cotton sprinkled over the grass and trees. So here we go again, wet, cold, melty mess. Where are our customers today? I bet all of you are tucked in your nests with a warm beverage, looking out your windows at the pretty landscape! I don’t blame you one bit! But Dee and I miss all of you! Hope to see you soon when you venture out. Our shops have been rearranged and are popping with new inventory that includes Easter pretties and Springtime is blooming ! Don’t forget to pick up some lovely hostess gifts when you visit family and friends for Easter. It will be here sooner than we can say Jack Rabbit!

Don’t forget SOSN1 in Jessup, MD will be open March 5, 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Saturday

SOSNM2 in Bishopville, MD will be open Saturday March 5, 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m.

Lets  celebrate Charlene  turning 60 on March 7, receive your choice of one item at 60% off per person, during the month of March,)Limited one visit

Sign up to receive our constant contact to keep informed on sales and events in both shops.

Our March DIY has been cancelled for SOSNM1. Stay tune for update on Aprils DIY for SOSNM1.






Recipe for week: Go to

Search hot cross buns and Easter braided bread.


Craft for week: Mixed Media Collage in a vintage container.

Ideas for containers: vintage baby shoe, teacup, small purse, vintage planter, etc…

Collect vintage items: buttons, old lace, hankie, postcard, vintage jewelry, etc…

Line your container with a stiff hankie(use elmers glue and water, coat your hankie, then wring out excess liquid)

Place it in your container, fold over the edges of your hankie in your container.

Now take some dry green moss or nice filler, put it into your container. Let it dry overnight

Next day, use a hot glue gun to place your items in your container

Keep it or give as gift. Send pictures to us.

These mixed media vintage collage can become a special memory of a loved one who is no longer with you.(Select their items and their container.









Windy, Rainy and Cold Days

What can you do on a windy, rainy day? Go shopping! Too cold and windy to venture out? Sit back and make your favorite hot beverage, go shopping online at our shops online. We have a special link to our newest shop that includes jewelry, clothing, and accessories on our shop page. Its exciting. Check back frequently, we will be adding new items frequently.

Recipes for the week:

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with Basil Pesto Aioli

Baked Acorn Squash made with Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

Stop in and get your Stonewall Kitchen items at both of our shops. Check back with us, we will be added to our inventory.

 620BE1E8-DC23-450F-90F4-8941A093DBBDCraft for the week:

Start growing your fresh Easter Grass for your favorite basket or planter. Select your container, put some potting soil into your container, almost to the top. Generously sprinkle rye seed on the entire top of your soil.Spread it evenly. Then take soil and sprinkle over the top of your seed. Sprinkle it with water to make it moist. Put your container in a very sunny location . Check on your Easter grass, water when it looks dry. You should have sprouts in a couple weeks. Put some Easter eggs and/or bunnies in your container. What a beautiful centerpiece you will have!

Send us pictures!






Vintage Christmas in our new shop.

Vintage Christmas in our new shop.

New Victorian magnet 2016 calendars just arrived , gorgeous cake plate

New Victorian magnet 2016 calendars just arrived , gorgeous cake plate

Hi everyone! Great news, our Bishopville, MD shop opened up on Wed. ! Dee and I want to thank all who stopped by. The excitement is bubbling with joy.

Hope to see all of you, at our new destination.

I know it is a busy time of the year, make sure you take time to enjoy it. All of you who are already finished decorating, sit back, relax, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and sip a nice libation.

Come visit our shops for great gift and decorating ideas.


This weeks recipe comes from Stonewall   Raspberry cream cheese coffee cake you may substitute the jelly by using plain raspberry or seedless raspberry or mixed berry.

Two sided baby Jesus large tin ornament

Two sided baby Jesus large tin ornament

This recipes looks good and easy.

Times Flying!


imageTime, and our season of Fall is flying by! I know I have brought up this subject before! I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s Halloween this weekend!

Then we will be sharing how thankful we are for our blessings, sitting around a table with our closest friends and family for Thanksgiving.




Thanks to the graphics for our graphics.




So is it too early to think of Christmas?Well, I don’t think so!

Here are some photos from last year to get us in the mood.

Next Thursday we will be creating some Christmas magic in the shop.Can’t wait.

Next Friday we will stay open till 5:00p.m. (This will be new hours for our first Friday of the month.11:00a.m.-5:00p.m.)

We will continue to be open on  first Saturday of the month10:00a.m.- 3:00p.m.

I love decorating with Christmas vintage items.

I think I love it so much because it warms my heart thinking about all the wonderful Christmases I had as a child and the ones I cherish when my boys were young. Now I have two wonderful grandchildren to start over the traditions. More blessings to come.







A couple of my favorite things I like to use to decorate with our old sleds, skates,snow shovels and vintage ornaments. Tie some fresh greens on a sled or skates stand them on your porch or by the front door. Sling your skates over your sled. Do you have a chair on the porch? Lay your skates on your chair, tie a bow with greens or holly. Put a snowman next to it.

We will have skates decorated for you to hang and maybe a snow shovel decorated! Come in soon! They won’t last!

Fill glass bowls,jars and vases with vintage ornaments, add fake snow and greens. Instant festive decor!




Wednesday’s Recipe:


After your turkey dinners from Thanksgiving and Christmas, slice that turkey for delich sandwiches.

Multi grain bread, mayo, turkey, field green lettuce, salt and pepper on turkey, stonewall kitchen cranberry relish, and my favorite is a little stuffing on it. Now it is also good without the stuffing too.

This a Stuffed Tom Turkey.

Come in and get your cranberry relish. Lots of good recipes with the cranberry relish.


Pumpkin Time

I love Fall, the cool crisp air and pumpkins everywhere. The changing colors of the leaves scattered all over the ground.

We hope you come in and visit with us.

Our fire is looking cozy for Fall!
Our fire is looking cozy for Fall! We want to invite all of our customers to come out to visit SOSNM during this beautiful time of the year.

Our shop looks like a pretty fall day. We have changed our displays and added beautiful merchandise.

Great Sales , don’t miss them.

Pictures below are:

The outfit is featured in a store in Ocean View, DE, Interiors by Kim:Kim’s Korner. Stop by lots of accessories, collectables, and furnishings for all homes. Turnkey decorating is available.

The other photo shows Black Crow Candles. Super smelling and long burning candles. Stay tune for a very special addition to this line of candles.

Our last photo is my weathered pumpkin. Quick and easy DIY.

Take a plastic pumpkin, paint it whatever color you desire.

Let it dry, then take a light sandpaper and weather your pumpkin.

I liked sanding around the face and grooves of the pumpkin. Final step, antique it with a stain or diluted brown paint. Wipe off the access. Let it dry. This is a cute and easy project. Send pictures. So we can post.

Come in and check out the arrival of new pumpkin items from Stonewall Kitchen.


Search pumpkin roll by Trisha Yearwood

 You can freeze them too.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook , like us. Thanks

image image image image

Changing Our Colors Like Fall

Wed. Recipe: with orange honey butter.

Dees garden display
Dees garden display


New wicker table, dresser,
New wicker table, dresser,
Singer sewing machine with sewing notions
Singer sewing machine with sewing notions
Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry!
Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry!
Beautiful Bridal gift ideas and shower ideas
Beautiful Bridal gift ideas and shower ideas
Beautiful Turquoise apothecary jar
Beautiful Turquoise apothecary jar
Our fire is looking cozy for Fall!
Our fire is looking cozy for Fall! 

Fall isn’t the only one changing its color.

We definitely changed our colors in the shop last week!

Dee and I worked changing and arranging furniture, antiques, soaps, fall foliage, Sheila,gifts, food, and much more till we ourselves couldn’t move!

 It was worth it! Stop in to see all our new displays, along with many new treasures.

We now have an extensive line of antique and new jewelry. It’s fabulous!

Big news, Sheila moved!

Finally that woman got off the orange flowered couch!

There is a tiny problem, we can’t find her!

There is a flapper gal who isn’t saying a word!

Stay tuned, to unfold the mystery?

Could Sheila have a sister?

Roaring Twenties Anyone
Roaring Twenties Anyone

Large inventory of jewelry
Large inventory of jewelry

Change is Good???

Girls are hanging around waiting to see the sales!

Girls are hanging around waiting to see the sales! They heard changes are arriving at SOSNM!

Most people would say Change is good. I agree with this statement but I would like to add a small thought with this statement. It is sometimes difficult to accept change. I have a little equation that helps me cope.

Creamware with fall, autuminal colors

Creamware with fall, autuminal colors

Change + Hard Work+ Faith=Acceptance

Yes, change usually means you will need to work hard at your situation to accept the new situation.



Don’t give up! Change is part of life. Sometimes we aren’t happy about the direction of our lives when change hits our road we are traveling down.


We feel unsure of what lies ahead on our road.


My advice is we need to have faith that it will work out. Stay strong.

Try being positive, work hard toward accepting your change.





Speaking of change, Something Old&Something New Marketplace will be experiencing change over the net three days.

I’m arriving tomorrow with my sleeves rolled up and getting ready to change the displays. Dee and I have a lot of hard work ahead to make our shop look different. It needs a little freshing up. We hope you come in and find a treasure from our shop that you go home with. Let us know what you are looking for . Thanks for shopping with us.

I’m bringing in some antiques, vintage items, and lots of jewelry! Vintage , new costume and new gemstone jewelry in gold and sterling. Come in! See the sparkles!

Check us out on Facebook! Dee’s announcing some great flash sales  that will be happening on Friday and Saturday! Don’t forget we will be opened till 6:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday, we will be open 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

My idea for the recipe today is:

Use Tollhouse cookie recipe or a sugar cookie recipe

Add the Tollhouse pumpkin spice chips to the recipe.(new, I found them at Giant Foods)

You might want to combine chocolate chips and pumpkin spice chips

Add your favorite nuts

Add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg


Until next time, no matter when change hits your road, have faith, determination, and work hard to accept it. May you always have the courage to do this. Abundant blessings to all.

Fall is Here!


image image image image Fall is here! Leaves are starting to fall here on the eastern shore. I’m getting ready to travel next week from the shore to our shop.

Big news! We will be giving our shop a little facelift. We have some items from our latest estate sale that we need to stage. Please stop in but please excuse our fairy dust while we revamp our shop.

image image image image image image image




Some beautiful vintage and current clothes came in.

We also have a few pieces of furniture that will adorn the shop.

Don’t forget that we will be open next Friday Oct.2 till 6:00 p.m. And we will be opened Saturday Oct.3 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

Please come in and visit with us. There will be surprise Flash Sales!


Recipe can be found on Search for pumpkin soup. Don’t forget to serve it in a small pumpkin. Delich!

Falling into Back to School

Happy Wed. Everyone!

As a mom I had mixed feelings on the children

going back to school. I remember I felt more than

ready for my boys to go back to school, the routine

was good for all of us. But on the other side of the

coin, I knew here comes the disagreements on time

to get up and time to retire. And homework! And

practices, tutors, and music lessons!

Driving in our mini van all over image image image image imagetown. It’s part

of life with the


Now I’m a grandma, thinking a little differently.

It’s sad to see Summer coming to an end.

I don’t want the kids to go back to school so early. I want time to slow down.

It’s amazing what happens to us with a little wisdom and age.

Enjoy every minute of the hustle and bustle with falling back to school with your munchkins.

Today I’m sharing some Fall products that we have in our shop.

I love Fall! Stop in to see us, put a little Fall in your life. Check our estate sale page.

Special Closings:

Sept. 5,7

Sept.17-18(We will be working an estate sale)

Closing Early: Sept.24- closing at 3:00p.m.


Todays Recipe:Brown Sugar Ham Steak


Summer Fun

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Todays recipe is:

Mexican Lasgna, just google it and get the recipe! Enjoy!

Our shop is full of great items for your home. We have lots of summer serving dishes that will help you in your summer barbecues.

New jewlery and new clothes just arrived. Don’t forget we sell unique greeting cards from Legacy Publishing. Legacy is a family run Company in the United States. They donate part of the money from their cards to feed hungry children. What a wonderful company.