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Thank you

Vintage style Aqua Rose Ring

Vintage style Aqua
Rose Ring

Hi everyone, thanks to each of you who came out for our Opening. We appreciated your kind words and support for our new shop.

Aqua lacy wide Bracelet

Aqua lacy wide

Gorgeous handcrafted Lily of Valley Bracelet

Gorgeous handcrafted
Lily of Valley Bracelet

Vintage style pendants

Vintage style pendants

Springtime at our Checkout Counter

Springtime at our
Checkout Counter

 Large Filigree Earrings

Large Filigree Earrings

Dee and I want to thank our friends from Hudsons General Store in Clarksville, DE, my brother Charles, Bill, and Sherry and Dennis Brant , Dees husband for the beautiful bouquets of flowers they each sent. The flowers made our shop feel even more like Spring. And another thank you goes to Rose Marie Jones for coming to our opening and bringing us a lovely plant. Your kind wishes for our shop to be a success meant the world to us. Dee and I want to thank both of our husbands coming to our opening and supporting our venture. Help us network to let the public know that we are open for business. Thanks.         Info on DIY workshop is on our home page. Customers are currently signing up. Please email us or call to register.     More jewlery came in. Great styles.     Until next time, a smile cost not a cent. Spread joy in someone’s life by just sharing a smile. It’s a good contagious . It will catch on. I’m smiling at you right now.



We are bursting with excitement!

Gorgeous antique Lobster Dish

Gorgeous Antique Lobster


Wonderful soaps

Wonderful soaps

We can’t wait for our opening on April 5. The shop smells so good with the scents of Lavender and herbal soaps. Florals from Sullivan’s came in and Spring has sprung at Something Old & Something New. The hydrangea bunches are my favorite . Another one of my favorites is the French metal tin containers. You might put some posies in your container and feel a Paris breeze in the air. If Paris isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you might want to experience an ocean breeze and sandy toes. You can do that with our new

Unisex Inis Cologne from Ireland . It will take you right to the beach. Lobster Bisque and Crab cakes are two delicious recipes on flour sack towels, designs by Mary Lake Thompson.

Until next time, make time to relax.

Our lavender soaps, lavender buds, dried lavender, and lavender rescue will help assist you to relax. Come visit our shop and you will begin to relax.

March 25, 2014

Frank did a great job building it. Amy did a wonderful job painting and sanding. Although Dee and I took one look at her and she looked like a Smurf!

Frank did a great job building it. Amy did a wonderful job painting and sanding. Although Dee and I took one look at her after the sanding and she looked like a Smurf!


Birds and Blooms gazing through one of our vintage restored windows

Blooms gazing through one of our vintage restored windows


Alice Cottage- mug mat with tea bag and herbs are blooming!

Alice Cottage- mug mat with tea bag and herbs are blooming!

Coming up from the Eastern Shore Tomorrow. Planning on working on windows, doors, and shutters.

Last week, we priced and placed more products. My husband came up from the

Eastern shore and made our check out counter. The counter is made from skids and a vintage door.

My daughter-in-law, Amy is trying it out. Dee and I have been searching for new vendors.

And we have been very successful at this task.

Stay tuned , we will be adding to our list of vendors very shortly. And hopefully I will be adding some new pictures.

Please be patient because I’m learning and

experimenting with our website. Until next time,

May you always be open to creativity. Our

marketplace can help you achieve this goal. And we can

have a lot of fun experiencing it!

It’s a Jewelry Day

imageSorting a great deal of vintage pieces.

The earrings shown at bottom right are in our new Spring Line.

The smell of lavender is in the air. Bouquets and sachets of dried lavender arrived today.

I’m getting excited for the opening.

I scattered Easter Eggs and Bunnies throughout the shop.


Dueling Sanders and Pricing New Products

A vintage screen and a very old baby crib rail both sanded and antiqued. Amy and myself worked on sanding and painting more old windows, shutters, and a screen. Dee worked on recording the inventory and pricing. She also picked up various items we needed for the shop and brought us a great lunch.

Saturday Dee continued to work on pricing , she loved seeing all our beautiful and unique gift and home decor items. I keep telling her we need to save our products for our customers. And of course she is trying to convince me the same. I worked on various cake plates and tidbit trays. Can’t wait for everyone to see them. I had the most fun putting out our new items in our vignettes. Then I had to vacuum and vacuum some more. :(

Of course more will need to be done but its exciting to see the progress of creating the shop. My head is swimming with ideas for our displays. Stay tuned. We are planning to add more vendors and this week will be adding more feature products with prices that you may purchase online.


Our Shop News

Shop is shaping up! Cleaning and trying to display our merchandise in perfect spots. Unloaded my truck with lots of exciting vintage finds. Our displays are looking beautiful . More items came in from Colonial Tin. Tomorrow I plan to do some decorating to certain tables. Then off to our workshop for some sanding and painting. We also are going to integrated our new items and some of our Longaberger baskets throughout our displays. Pricing and cleaning continues. Stay tune. Tomorrow I will post a picture. Until then, two thoughts because I shorted you one last time. 1. May you always find beauty in the small things. 2. Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them and treasure them.

Shop Till You Drop

New inventory hopping in! Cute Bunnies. Battery candles and Easter eggs.

New inventory hopping in!
Cute Bunnies. Battery candles and Easter eggs.

Auction was interesting. We purchased a few items. Most items were being purchased at much higher prices. We stopped by a consignment shop and found some nice items. One of my favorites is a very ornate silver plate punch bowl. Of course my head is already spinning with creative ways to use it not for punch!


We headed back to MD to move and move some more of our inventory. Sanding and cleaning old doors and shutters was happening. Painting too! Saturday was all about staging and placing our items in the perfect spot. As we both know sometimes they get moved around frequently. We want to be able to be like goldielocks and say it’s just right! Still planning and back to the shop on Wed.

Back from the eastern shore

Hi all. Came up from the eastern shore today. Brought another truck load of antiques and beautiful Salty Seaweed Candles. And great smelling too. Also brought up supplies and odds and ends for the business. Amy and I looked at all the beautiful new items and oohed and ahed over all of it. Starting strategizing how we will layout the shop. A bit overwhelmed is the story of the day. It is definitely a work in progress, a rough one. We know it will come together. Dee and I took off to go to Middleburg, VA for an auction and searching for lost treasures that need a good home or two. Keep tuned in. I’m sure we will have some interesting stories and lots of good stuff to share. Planning to return to the shop on

Friday and Saturday to start tuning up the arranging and placement of things. Pricing, hanging items, painting and sanding furniture. It’s so much fun when a piece of furniture comes together. Always love what you do, do what you love. Until next time .

Welcome to Something Old & Something Marketplace New Blog!

I’m one of the owners of our soon to be eclectic marketplace. For making life a tiny bit simple, when I talk about our shop I’m going to use SOSNM. This is a very exciing time right now for my high school friend Dee and I. We are both very busy in our lives even though our children are adults now. Life is changing and moving on. And so we decided to move on and be busier!
So here we go.
We are working hard getting the shop ready for the grand opening, April 5.
It feels like Christmas opening the boxes with the new spring items. Come on Spring!
We are ready for Spring!image