Farmhouse finds, my daughter-in-law, Amy is a gem

in many ways. One way is she is becoming a very successful

picker. Recently she found some awesome screen doors

and extra large old windows.

I know some of my family members look at me and think I’m

crazy when I get excited over finding pieces like these but there are many ideas on how to decorate with the windows, doors, and shutters.


room dividers, backdrop , paint scenes on them, windows can be used to add dimension, make tables and cabinets,

headboards,cornice or valence for over windows, and many more ideas

Come in and visit our shop, we can help you with decorating with


Anticipation- we can’t wait to see you this week!

I(Charlene ) will be in Thursday-Saturday, stop in and say hi. New items are coming in.

We will be planning some special Fall events, stay tuned.

And Don’t Forget

All of SOSNM has in store for this Friday and Saturday. We can’t wait to have fun with all of you.


Until next time, tell your friends that you love them when you see them.

We all need to make time to let them know it.

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